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Japanese Golden Tea Roastery

Shizuoka Japan

Founded in 1955

Green Tea Isn't Always Green.

It's Gold.

-By Marufuku  Seicha


It is fragrant and has a clear golden color although it is still a "green tea". It is smooth, yet has a powerful charm in its flavor that makes you feel the vitality of the tea leaves. With its rich character that fascinates people, Abe-Cha, which was born in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan's tea capital, has been called a refined tea since the Edo period. The fact that Hiroshige Utagawa, a popular Ukiyoe (woodblock prints) artist of the Edo period, depicted a scene of tea piking in his series of Ukiyoe "Fifty-three Stages of the Tokaido" shows that the tea was widely popular in those days. Wouldn't you like to taste the golden cup of tea loved by the ancients?

Marufuku Seicha Pursues

the Possibilitese of Tea

Japanese tea can be divided into various

categories based on its aroma and color as well as the balance of bitter, sweet, astringent, and umami flavors. The taste and aroma are further subdivided according to the steaming time after the tea leaves are picked and how deeply it is roasted. We at Marufuku Seicha will continue to  make various suggestions to make "tea  time" in your daily lives more enjoyable and special by combining the diversity of tea with our own knowledge and technology. We want more and more people to know the joy of the tea. That is the wish of Marufuku Seicha.


Where We Are

Abe-Cha is produced in Shizuoka Prefecture, one of Japan's leading tea production areas.

Honyama-cha, one of the most famous teas, is grown in the Abe River and Warashina River basin became popular and spread throughout the country. The soil in the Abe River basin is well drained and rich in minerals, which provides the perfect conditions for tea trees to store nutrients in their own leaves and grow strongly. We at Marufuku Seicha produce Abe-Cha, only from the upper reaches of the Abe River, whichis full of vitality, and named it "Honyama Abe-Cha"


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