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Organic teas

Organic Honyama Abe-Cha representing Japan's famous tea production area, and Marufuku's domestically produced organic tea.

Marufuku Seicha wants to provide you with tea that delights your body and mind. We offer organic Honyama Abe-Cha, a refined and fragrant tea grown in the Abekawa River basin, which is blessed with one of the best growing environments in Shizuoka Prefecture, a famous tea-producing region. We also offer a variety of organic tea grown with great care and attention. All of them are special and you can fully enjoy the original flavor of the tea leaves.

Golden Green Tea -​ Honyama Abe-Cha


Golden-colored sencha from

uniquely roasted vital tea leaves

with full of flavor and nutrients.

Tea Bags / Leaves / Powder

Premium Green Tea


With a bright green color, fresh aroma, and a gentle sweetness that spreads in your mouth.

Tea Bags / Leaves / Powder

Matcha-Premium Blend


Creamy matcha with little bitterness and a rich, full-bodied aroma.


Matcha- Blend


Matcha with a color and aroma of freshly picked tea leaves, which enhances dishes and desert.


Coarse Green Tea


Large, mature tea leaves are used. Refreshing flavor and less astringent.

 Leaves / Powder

Roasted Green Tea


Comforting day-to-day tea with the aroma of roasting that spreads softly in your mouth.

Tea Bags / Leaves / Powder

Rice Tea + Matcha


Deep flavor with the aroma of roasting from carefully selected organic rice and the taste of matcha blended together

Tea Bags / Leaves / Powder

Rice Tea


Fragrant roasted tea leaves blended with fragrant, roasted organic rice.

Tea Bags / Leaves / Powder
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