[ 仕入れる- Ara Cha – ]
At first row tea leaves from tea fields are steamed, then dried by being crumpled. This is called “Ara-Cha”, and this is the material of our tea leaves. When we get “Ara-Cha” in this way, and this is the start of our work.

[ 购入]

[ 茶葉を観る-Feeling the tea leaves- ]
The first thing, when we get tea leaves (Ara-Cha), we check the color and the size of the leaves. They are put on black plastic plates specially made for checking tea leaves. We look them through our eyes, touch by hands and smell. The only way of deciding tea quality is much experience.

[ 观赏茶叶]

[ 熱湯を注ぐ-Pouring boiling water- ]
For judgment of tea quality, not only checking dry tea leaves (Ara-Cha), we should check them in a pure white cup poured with boiling water. The aroma, color of water, and size of the leaves are most important to be checked. And also we can find through our five senses such faults as smell of machines and smoke during the former process, then distinguish between good and bad point, image the product. And pick up what we need.


[ 仕上げる-For the Finish- ]
We use about 20 kinds of sieves to make the Ara Cha same size. First of all we decide the width of a leaf. Then we choose a sieve to fit this process.After sifting it, we cut the wide leaves left on the sieve. We repeat this process until the width of the leaves in the sieve becomes same. Next, in this way, we make the length of the tea leaves same.Then we can get the tea leaves of same sizes in both width and length.We can get some groups of different sizes of tea leaves using different sizes of sieves.

[ 制茶 ]

[ 選別する-Separate- ]
Moreover we must take out powder and stems. This process is very important. Without this process exactly, tea leaves are not roasted equally and bring ill effect to taste.


[ 火を入れる-Roast- ]
茶葉の大きさのグループごとに、火を入れます(焙煎)。これはお茶の香りと旨味を決める重要な工程です。茶葉に合わせ、茶師が火を入れる温度と時間を巧みに調整 。茶葉が持つ香りと味が、最大限に引き出される瞬間に、茶葉を火入れ機から出します。その瞬間を見極めるのは職人の鼻。立ち上る香りだけでその瞬間を決められるのは、職人が成せる技です。
We roast tea leaves after having classified them according to the sizes of the leaves. This is not only difficult but also very important process to decide aroma and taste of tea.The tea master controls the temperature and time skillfully. He pulls out tea leaves from the roast machine, at the moment the best aroma and taste of tea is brought out. This is depended on only an excellent tea master’s work.

[ 焙煎 ]

[ 合組-Blend- ]
Having roasted tea leaves, we use a big blend machine, which unite the tea. We call this process “Gou-Gumi” in Japanese, that can make tea taste even and regular. So this process also must be done carefully and closely.

[ 组合 ]

[ 保管-Storage- ]
After all these process are finished the tea leaves are packed in wooden tea boxes “Cha-bako”. “Cha-bako” have been used since long time ago to keep tea away from bugs and moisture. We keep these “Cha-Bako” in a refrigerator.

[ 保存 ]